#FreeOllie is a movement about Freedom

When Ollie the Bobcat escaped from the National Zoo in January, something incredible happened. Various news outlets across the country picked up the story and captivated America. There was a 25-lb bobcat loose in Washington DC and the city was on high alert.
For 51 glorious hours Ollie roamed free while America rallied together and cheered her on. Finally, we were no longer divided in conversation but together in our hopes that this woodland cat might find Freedom in the woods of Rock Creek Park.
#FreeOllie is a movement that reminds us that we can still come together towards a common cause.
We are not anti-Zoo, we are simply supporting the agenda of togetherness and FREEDOM. Maybe, just maybe, we can reach a zookeeper on the inside who is a little loose with the gate latch. And maybe, just maybe Ollie will find Freedom once again.
Who is Ollie the DC Bobcat? All of us are.
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